Uniting Forces to Provide Exceptional Separation

CORIgTM systems are the first single-use centrifuges to offer “true continuous discharge” of both cells/solids and supernatant by deploying a novel geometry that combines multiple forces to provide maximal throughput with minimal floor space (4-10 fold improvement over existing technologies). Both solids slurry and liquid flow out of outlets continuously. Unlike bowl (traditional or countercurrent) or disc-stack technologies there are no cycles or intermittent discharges. CORIg features a proprietary rotational technology to provide robustness for applications that require long run times (>30 days). Advanced non-invasive turbidity sensors enable automated process development while non-invasive pressure sensors provide robust safety.

  • One system optimized to perform diverse operations including perfusion harvest clarification cell harvest washing/buffer exchange cell concentration separation of different cells/particles etc.
  • Scalable with undetectable shear (using LDH and fluorescent DNA dyes) and short residence time (<20 sec) for both cells and supernatant
  • Ability to handle low (<0.1 x 106cells/mL) to high (>4X108cells/mL) cell densities
  • Proven to work efficiently with diverse cell types including CHO HEK293 MSCs T cells and Saccharomyces cerevisiae
  • Ability to concentrate cells to over 400 million cells/mL
  • Very high throughput per sq.ft. of floor space
  • Simplified process development
  • Complete automation to minimize human errors
  • Part 11 compliant

Please contact us for a demo or to try CORIg with your process.